Presenting the University study programme of Multimedia


Why did we, electrical and computer engineers, prepare the study programme of Multimedia?


Mainly because computers and smartphones as well as the Internet became so widespread they are everywhere and are the everyday companions of our lives. Therefore, it is important that in addition to technical skills (ex. how to make an app for a smartphone that displays sensor data and the state of health of the user) we master the creative techniques and knowledge to create different types of content (ex. video production, animated characters, virtual 3D environments) and experiences (ex. interactive catalogs and videogames).

More and more daily tasks are performed via the Internet and on mobile devices, from monitoring news and events, making purchasing decisions, selecting destinations for traveling and entertainment. There is an increasing number of digital devices which allow intertwining of the real environment with the virtual.

The new custom of coexistence of man and machine require knowledge of building a good user interface, the Internet and digital content are increasingly involved in a number of new areas, in cars and home appliance, medicine and education, as well as the arts.

Because of all those reasons we created the programme of Multimedia, through the course of which we educate students to become experts, qualified to work on some brand new challenges.

Who needs multimedia engineers?


The best and the most innovative companies.

(ex. Google, Apple, Telekom Slovenije, Outfit 7, RTV Slovenija, Rovio, Volkswagen, Renault, Amazon, Facebook, BMW, Seagate etc.), as well as other organizations as universities, libraries, health institutions, marketing agencies and media production companies.

What is the demand on the labor market?

The European Commission estimates that more than 700.000 job vacancies exist in Europe in the field of ICT, which is one of the most important and growing industries in the world. This area of digital content is a support for all of the other industries. The number of jobs in the field is still increasing, but the number of experts in the field of ICT is still small.

What kind of students do we need?

All the curious young people who have an eye for creative ideas and want to acquire technological skills so they can bring their ideas in the digital 3D world to life.


What are we going to study and create? 

  • We will learn the technological highlights of the engineering profession.
  • We will offer space for your imagination to develop your thoughts in the digital environment.
  • We will learn the best ways to explore and work as a team.
  • We will be advised about participation in solving the current challenges in business by the experts in the field.
  • We will cultivate confidence in communication with the public.
  • We will be prepared to work in the best companies at home and abroad.


Why enroll?

 Become highly competitive graduates of the latest program at the University of Ljubljana, which brings together some of the best features of electrical engineering, computer science, creativity, business skills and communication. This knowledge will allow you to reach for one of 900 000 vacant jobs in Europe and apply for work in the most prosperous and the most innovative enterprises at home and abroad. In addition, the knowledge acquired in the university program Multimedia, is an excellent springboard for further studies and research all around the world. Above all, you will master everything you need to make your talent and imagination in the digital world spring to life.