Goals and Skills

The basic goals of the programme are : 

  • Ensure quality knowledge which of which multimedia consists
  • Provide excellent basics for the 2nd cycle of Multimedia or related studies.
  • Providing good employability of the graduates and effective integration on the workplace 
  • Raiseing innovative employees for the new industries, as well as enabling them to constantly track the latest developments
  • Allowing transitioning between related study programs, while keeping up with the European educational standards
  • Establishing a foundation and encouragement for proceeding studies in the context of lifelong learning

Basic skills you will gain :

  • Possibillity of understanding and solving problems in the area of multimedia
  • Skill of critical thinking based on analysis
  • Ability to research and plan accordingly
  • Professional, environmental and social responsibility
  • Ability to communicate professionally
  • Ability to optimally use Information and Communication Technologies
  • Ability of independent tracking the newest innovations and gaining new skills
  • Possibility of teamwork with experts from the technological and non-technological area.